The Valiant Experience

The foundation of Valiant Clinic will be the medical and clinical staff; differentiating itself through high-quality care provided by the finest physicians. The Valiant experience will provide an environment integrating the goals and priorities of its caregivers with the philosophy and vision of the clinic’s patient-centered care.

Concierge Medicine

Valiant Clinic offers highly specialized ‘Concierge Medicine’ services, focusing on creating a record of individual preferences and tailoring the experience around these: scheduling medical appointments to fit the patient’s schedule, connecting them seamlessly to their wellness team and defining the level of interaction required to ensure impeccable service standards throughout every aspect of the experience. This includes:

  • Dedicated access, personalized attention and exceptional service
  • On-site services as well as the provision of care in the convenience of an individual’s home or office with a view to accommodate their demanding schedules
  • Access to test results and complete medical records 24/7 via a dedicated patient portal
  • Turn around test results the same day, where possible
  • A wellness program created to fit each individual’s needs to meet their desired goals
  • Access to a Wellness Navigator to ensure healthcare goals are met
  • Incorporation of user-friendly medical technology into an individual's daily life to monitor and enhance their health every day
  • Engagement through informative talks on different aspects of their health to increase their awareness

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