Sports Therapy

At Valiant Clinic, our well-trained Sports Therapists are dedicated to providing personalized care to our patients, specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and rehabilitation to get back to the optimum levels of functional, occupational and sport specific fitness, regardless of age and ability.
We utilize the principles of sport and exercise sciences incorporating physiological and pathological processes, to prepare individuals to return to a higher level of functioning than pre-injury, where possible. Sports therapy supports the rehabilitation program, acting as a bridge to enable the patient to transition from injury treatment to achieve their goals in a safe and progressive manner.

Sports Therapy Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Exercise prescription
  • Varied stretching techniques
  • Biomechanics analysis
  • Patient education
  • Assessment and diagnosis of injuries
    • Deliver a personalized treatment plan to maximize movement and physical independence
    • Teach patients how to reduce pain and manage chronic injuries
    • Rehabilitation programs
    • Teach patients how to stay fit and maintain their wellness

Taif Al Delamie

Taif is an Irish trained Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist and Strength and Conditioning Coach, with over ten years' experience in Ireland and the United Arab Emirates.

  • Late stage rehabilitation from injury
  • Keeping fit post-operatively and exercising with injury
  • Strength and conditioning for endurance athletes
  • Personal training for different goals such as weight and chronic disease management

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