Ramadan Health Tips 2019

Tips for a Healthy Ramadan

Stay well hydrated

It’s very important to replace our fluids, especially during hot summer days. Stick to water and avoid high calorie/sugar beverages.

Make sure to keep drinking water between meals and avoid high intake of caffeinated beverages, such as coffee and tea.

Suhoor meal

A late meal gives you longer lasting energy during the day. Include fiber/protein sources that are low in salt to avoid thirst, such as oatmeal with low-fat milk and berries, boiled eggs with whole wheat bread and vegetables.

Break your fast with dates

This energy source contains potassium, copper, manganese, and fiber which makes it a great way to break your fast. Avoid over-eating them, as 2-3 dates are considered one exchange of fruit.

Iftar Meal

Make sure you provide a balance between starches, lean protein, and vegetables by starting your meal with a salad or soup and making sure to avoid fried foods, high fat and high sugary items and dishes with creamy sauces.

Always remember that staying fit during Ramadan can be achieved by following good eating habits and exercise.


It is important to keep physically active during Ramadan, although remember that Ramadan is a time for maintenance when it comes to exercise goals.

It is advised to remain within your current fitness level, and choose low-moderate intensity workouts, especially if you are exercising before Iftar.


It is good practice to go to bed at the same time every night, preferably a couple of hours after iftar. For those who will have a light iftar and a heavier meal later, it is advisable to retire 1-2 hours after the last evening meal.

When waking up for Suhoor it is recommended only a light meal and return to bed until the usual morning wake up time, even on weekends. This will allow you to go through all of your sleep stages and get better rest.


From decreasing loneliness to slashing stress levels, from helping with quitting smoking to making a difference in healthy eating habits, there are multiple reasons why it’s healthy to spend time with people you love.

Spending time with your loved ones and having satisfying and meaningful relationships is the main predictor of longevity and perceived feeling of happiness.

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