5 Ways to Remain Athletic as You Age

5 Ways to Remain Athletic as You Age

  1. Stay flexible

Without a doubt, the most common reason people feel unathletic is that they can’t get into the positions/postures they once used to. Just a few regular stretching exercises with some foam rolling goes a long way in keeping you athletic.

  1. Emphasize full-body exercises vs isolated exercises

Sitting on a machine in the gym and working one muscle group does not have much carry over to real life activity. Exercises that cover many joints e.g. lunges, squats, push ups, cable pulls are great options.

  1. Get strong on one-leg

Doing exercises where you are on two legs will get you strong, but don’t forget that most athletics takes place on one leg. Step-ups and split squats all deserve a place in everyone’s training programs.

  1. Train sideways and rotational

It’s important to master being able to move forward but once you get proficient there, it’s useful to progress to a bit of strength work with sideways and rotational movements. Side lunges and cable rotation variations are great examples of these.

  1. Use core exercises that force you to stay stable and not flex and extend the spine

Efficient movement is all about moving in the right places. We should prioritise movement at the hips and upper back vs movement of the lower back. When someone has been seated all day and then goes home and does lots of sit-ups it rarely ends well for your low back. Your core work should be focused on resisting lower back arching and rotation. A couple of favorites are the front and side plank.

Article by Taif Delamie- Sports Therapist, Valiant Clinic

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