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The endocrine system is a network and a group of cells that work to produce the necessary hormones continuously and arsalha to the blood directly at one appeal is an appeal body to achieve coordination between members and secure internal balance, these Hormones help regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, sleep, mood, among many others. In short, this member to many functions and is very important for human intelligence cannot be perceived.

Medals for endocrine disruption, tdisturbances linked to hormones secreted by many different problems which occur in the human body in General. So we must carry out regular checking of these members, and not to neglect if obvious symptoms indicative of problems or something and go directly to the doctor best medical centres in deaf glands in Dubai.

When talking about the best medical centers, we cannot but mention the Center ڤاليانت clinic which houses generally selected doctors skilled in different areas and the best doctor in Dubai in particular glands which treat problems and diseases and disorders of endocrine glands and hormones that are secreted by the latest and best Techniques, as the doctor to provide a patient with a special diet program helps him to improve his health, has the skills and training on how to interact with adults and children to make them feel comfortable.

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